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There's also an XMPP room you can join for groupchat! The name is digdeeper on server chat.disroot.org. We use OMEMO encryption there so try enabling that if you want to join. You will need an OMEMO compatible client (Pidgin, Gajim, Conversations...) and server (https://compliance.conversations.im/test/xep0384/ - but it doesn't seem to be fully reliable, for example Riseup DOES SUPPORT OMEMO, while Disroot does not seem to - so don't use it). For Pidgin, OMEMO works through the lurch plugin, so install it and enable through Tools > Plugins. Then, you will have to add all the conversation participants to your buddy list - else the ones you didn't add won't be able to see your messages. Type the command "/lurch enable" (without the quotes) and you can start chatting! If you have a problem, message me and I will try to help. Note: CONVERSATIONS BLOCKS OMEMO IN PUBLIC CHATROOMS, due to - as it admits - an arbitrary requirement imposed by Conversations. Therefore you should get one of the other clients. Profanity and aTalk allegedly work with OMEMO on Android, but a contact told me he wasn't able to get them to work - you should still try them out yourself though.